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    Golden Globes

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    Peter and 'Twilight Saga' co-star Robert Pattinson attend the Golden Globes in Los Angeles.

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    Peter discusses Eclipse in an interview with Glamour Magazine

    Peter's interview with
    ASLF at Tent City in LA

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    Peter stops by ALSF set up outside Tent City in Los Angeles for the Eclipse Premiere Interview

    Here is another Q&A Peter conducted recently for the site

    1. Besides Carlisle, who else would you like to portray in the movie?

    I remember reading the book and connecting with Carlisle. I'm very happy to be playing him. I don't think there is another role I would rather play.

    2. Twilight has been said to be the next Harry Potter, how do you feel about being a part of this phenomenon?

    The Twilight books have been very popular, and I can only hope the movie is as successful as the novels. I am very excited at the possibility of being a part of making all of the books in the series into movies, like the Harry Potter franchise has done.

    3. Where/how do you think this movie is going to differ from the book?

    I think some of the story has been condensed, as it is hard to fit 500+ pages into a two hour movie, and some of the action sequences in the book may go into more detail, adding some "action" elements, to the beautiful love story.

    4. I've heard that there's a new scene at a marina that's been added to the movie. Can you tell us what that's about?

    Edward and Bella go scuba diving.... Just kidding. I'm not sure how much I can actually tell you as I wouldn't want to spoil any surprises.

    5. What scene(s) are you most looking forward to being able to shoot (from Twilight and/or its sequels)?

    I really enjoyed playing "Vampire Baseball". And I hope if we get to do the sequels, that they have some fun action sequences of us fighting alongside the werewolves from Eclipse.

    6. Are your daughters fans of Twilight?

    My oldest is ten, and she has just begun to read Twilight. I tell her tales from the books, or from Carlisle's backstory, as bedtime stories and she loves it.

    7. Are you enjoying your two weeks off? :D

    Its always nice to get a little break, but I look forward to going back and finishing up. I've been spending most of my time in the shade, hiding from the California sun. Can't afford to get any color on my Forks pale skin.

    Thanks for all of your questions, and I hope you enjoy the movie.


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