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    Peter and 'Twilight Saga' co-star Robert Pattinson attend the Golden Globes in Los Angeles.

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    Peter discusses Eclipse in an interview with Glamour Magazine

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    Peter stops by ALSF set up outside Tent City in Los Angeles for the Eclipse Premiere Interview

    Interview with Twilight Star Peter Facinelli

    Empire Diner was in for a treat this past January as we chose this location to chat and have lunch with Queen's born Peter Facinelli. As I look over my notes from the interview I can't help but laugh as we talked about everything from Nurse Jackie to Twilight to what not to put in your Red Zinger and more.

    We were excited to hear about Peter's role in the new Showtime series Nurse Jackie, where he plays Dr Cooper, who is "a lot different than Carlisle; he's cocky, confident and hyped on Red Bull, but at the end of the day things are a jumble." Peter shares that for this role he didn't want to play the stereotypical TV doctor, but rather that he would "play the person, not the profession." Which is sure to make this already hard to classify show stand out even more. The show, which will premiere this year "has its own style. It's a half hour drama, but it's still funny."

    Another doctor role of Peter's that you are surely familiar with is Dr. Carlisle Cullen in Twilight, where there were some challenges including the constant rain, bringing a character whom so many love from a book to the screen, and how do you carry over the wisdom and knowledge of a 350+ year old vampire. Peter shares, "I had a lot of make up-on, and one day after shooting my driver came to pick me up and didn't recognize me. Luckily I don't look as much like Carlisle when I am out of make-up, 'Rob deals with it more as he looks like Edward " But it did come with plenty of rewards as well, this is one of the first movies that Peter has been able to share with his oldest daughter.

    Peter is looking forward to stepping back into the role of Dr. Cullen and working with his on screen family again. "We worked really well together, really feeling like a family. The kitchen scene was great film because all the Cullens were there. I loved doing all of the scenes with the family, the dynamic really worked."

    Before we said our goodbyes at the end of lunch Peter had one bit of advice to share with everyone, it's something he has always believed and he tells his daughters this. "No matter what, be happy. Many people don't do what they love, find that dream and pursue it. Make what you love or like what you do. Be happy."

    Interviewed on January 17, 2009 by Amanda Stephan and Lecinda Bennett.

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