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    Golden Globes

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    Peter and 'Twilight Saga' co-star Robert Pattinson attend the Golden Globes in Los Angeles.

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    Peter discusses Eclipse in an interview with Glamour Magazine

    Peter's interview with
    ASLF at Tent City in LA

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    Peter stops by ALSF set up outside Tent City in Los Angeles for the Eclipse Premiere

    Interview Magazine

    "Peter Facinelli"

    By Dave Stewart

    Look Out For The Odd Man Out

    Dave Stewart: So what have you been doing recently?
    Peter Facincelli: Iíve got The Big Kahuna with Kevin Spacey and Danny DeVito coming out. Itís about three salesmen who are stuck in a room together and trying to land the biggest account of their careers. I play Bob, the newcomer.

    DS: Was costarring with Kevin Spacey and Danny DeVito a daunting experience?
    PF: It was a challenging part because youíre in a room with these two older, experienced guys and you donít want to get steamrolled by them. I just tried to play the character truthfully as I could.

    DS: And you play the lead in the movie Iím directing, Honest, which is coming out in Britain soon. It almost gives you a heart attack to realize we shot it in thirty-six days.
    PF: It was a fun ride. Just when you think itís getting serious, thereíll be a moment of black comedy. The Big Kahuna is similar in that itís comic but with a deep message at the end¯"Be careful who you judge."

    DS: Maybe youíre destined to play the odd man out. You play an outsider in Honest, too¯the only American in an all-Brittish cast, a character who begins as a fish out of water but by the end has become our hero. How was it being the token American?
    PF: I had the feeling you needed some dumb American in the movie to slap around. [laughs] But it was great to work with you. It was almost like musicians jamming.

    DS: The film is finally all finished. The London premiere is near the square where you were shot naked.
    PF: I donít think I could show my face there again.

    DS: Well, youíve shown everything else. So I hear that in addition to a dog you were photographed with a porcupine for the Interview shoot. Why did you go for the spiky variety of animal?
    PF: Because Iím a spiky kind of guy.

    DS: Was the porcupine yours?
    PF: No. They had one flown in especially for me.

    DS: [laughs] What kind of pets do you have?
    PF: Jennie [Garth], my fiancée, is a huge animal lover, so weíve got lots. Weíve got a rabbit. Weíve got horses and a goat. Oodles of poodles.

    DS: Blimey. I thought you lived in the center of L.A. Iíve got about forty-six rabbits here, but theyíre not exactly pets. They just run free in the grass.
    PF: Youíve got to keep them away from each other. They multiply, you know?

    DS: Oh yeah, Iíve noticed. And what else have you got?
    PF: Well, my biggest animal is little Luca Bella, my daughter.

    DS: With you various flying-all-over-the-place jobs, and pets, and your daughter¯how do you keep it all together?
    PF: I donít know. Itís a mystery to me. I think weíre going to have to get a nanny just for the pets.

    Peter Facinelli, photographed with Twister, wears a shirt by Holland & Holland

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