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    Peter and 'Twilight Saga' co-star Robert Pattinson attend the Golden Globes in Los Angeles.

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    Popeater, Part 1

    Facinelli: I'm Really Just a Soccer Dad
    By: Amber James

    (Jan. 27) - If 'Twilight' actor Peter Facinelli had to choose between attending an exclusive premiere or staying at home with his wife Jennie Garth and their three daughters, he'd pick the latter.

    "I am not a big, 'Look at me' person, so I don't go to a lot of premieres. I am more of a family guy who stays at home with my kids. I'm more known as being the soccer dad," Facinelli exclusively told PopEater.

    Family life is important for both Facinelli and Garth, who met in 1995 while filming the TV movie 'An Unfinished Affair' and married in 2001. The couple has three daughters together: Luca Bella (11), Lola Ray (6) and Fiona Eve (2).

    Facinelli, who grew up with three sisters, is not fazed by living with a household of women again. "I have three little girls and one big girl," he joked. "I have been surrounded by women my whole life. Yeah, there is a lot of estrogen in the house, but I enjoy it," he said.

    And there might be more children on the way. "Jennie tends to get her way, but it is a debate that's going on right now," he said. "Honestly, my wife wants a boy, [but] to me, it doesn't matter. At first, I wanted a boy, but now I have three beautiful daughters, who are important to me," Facinelli said.

    "It's two fold. When you're a father, it's extremely painful because every time they go out of the house, you worry about them. I can't imagine having to worry about one more person because I am already worried enough... but that being said, never say never," he added.

    Despite his sometimes hectic schedule, like living in New York to film 'Nurse Jackie,' Facinelli makes the cross-country trip back home to California every chance he can. "I try not to go more than ten days without seeing my kids. I flew back last week. And I'll fly back again this week... I'm flying a lot, [but] they are worth it," he said.

    Facinelli says his family man attitude has even benefited him as an actor. "The only reason [actors] want to have fame is so they can get certain projects. But with that fame, it becomes harder to play the characters because people expect certain things. [By flying] under the radar, I can surprise people," he said.

    When Facinelli isn't busy working, he maintains an active part of his daughters' lives, even serving as a soccer coach for his oldest. "I like being a big part of my daughters' lives. As long as you're involved in their life, it's the quality overall," he said. "When we're at home, it's about family," he said.

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