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    Popwrap Interview

    Peter Facinelli "Can't Hardly" Believe It's Been 10 Years!

    By Jarett Wieselman

    June 19, 1998. That was the date I first saw "Can't Hardly Wait" at Cinema 10 in Succasunna, NJ. I went with my friend Cameron and was totally caught off guard at how much I liked the movie - the girl from "Party of Five" had such pretty hair and Mark from "Empire Records" got hot - but not nearly as sexy as that new guy who played Mike Dexter. That was Peter Facinelli and "Can't Hardly Wait" marked his first mainstream box office hit - a movie he still gets approached about today even after starring in countless film and television roles. As "Can't Hardly Wait: 10 Year Reunion Edition" graduates to DVD on September 30, making me feel about 100 years old, I caught up with Peter - who is coming off a brilliant performance on "Damages" and gearing up for one in the sure-to-be-blockbuster "Twilight" - to talk about the film that started it all.

    Pop Wrap: How did the script for "Can't Hardly Wait" make its way to you?

    Peter Facinelli: I had done a movie with Breckin Meyer called "Dancer, Texas Pop. 81" and he was dating the writer Deborah Kaplan at the time. I liked the script so I went in and was put on a shortlist of guys who tested for the studio.

    PW: Did having an "in" help?

    Peter: Not at all - it wasn't a freebie. I actually almost didn't do the movie because I wanted to do an independent film instead. This was nine or 10 years ago and I was art over commerce. "I'm going for the artsy film where I make five cents an hour!" But the indie got pushed so I actually got to do both.

    PW: Do you remember your first impressions of the script?

    Peter: I just remember identifying with it. When I was in high school every table had its own clique and this film was very much my experience.

    PW: So what table did you sit at?

    Peter: I sat at the Middle Village Alcoholics table, just a bunch of kids from that town and I didn't even live there. I just thought they were fun to hang out with. But I was able to sit at a lot of different tables so I could weave in and out of all of them, which I liked. And that desire not to be pigeonholed is something I've carried over to my acting.

    PW: You're resume is quite diverse, was that intentional from the get-go?

    Peter: When I first did "Can't Hardly Wait," I immediately got pegged as this teen jock. I was offered two other teen movies right after, which I didn't want to do. So I switched it up with "Supernova" - shaved my head, grew a beard and put on 10 pounds of muscle. I just wanted to change myself from what people probably expected.

    PW: Both "Supernova" and "Can't Hardly Wait" went through a lot of studio cutting before their releases, right?

    Peter: Yea, "Can't Hardly Wait's" cutting was mostly to do with the fact that in 1998 there weren't any R-rated teen comedies that did well at the box office. So they had to cut out a lot to get a PG-13, like every time someone was about to take a drink they had to cut away. Then a year later "American Pie" came out and changed all of that.

    PW: Have you rewatched the movie recently?

    Peter: I did the commentary for the new DVD and it really holds up. The thing that was most interesting to me is that I didn't realize how many actors are in the film, just playing small roles - even in the background. I didn't know that Selma Blair was in the movie and I have scenes with her!

    PW: Where do you think Mike Dexter is today?

    Peter: I knew a kid like Mike growing up and we'd always joke that he was so attached to high school he'd probably stay around in some capacity - so I think Mike probably went back. Not as a teacher or guidance counselor but as the gardener or selling pretzels on the lunch line.

    PW: Do you still get approached for the movie today?

    Peter: Yea, a lot. It's become like this cult classic. I've worked with people 10 years younger than me who loved it, which makes me feel old. Like, were you 5 when you saw it?

    PW: Really, like who?

    Peter: I did "Finding Amanda" with Brittany Snow and in the movie her name is Amanda. A