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    Twilighters Anonymous Podcast

    "Episode 25: Paging Dr. Cullen"

    TA: Well I'm sure you're aware that we're getting really close to November 21st which is the release date of Twilight. What do you think about all the hype surrounding the movie are you excited for it are you nervous?

    PF: You know I think I was more nervous when we were actually shooting the film or started shooting the film because so many fans, you know, had an idea of what they thought the movie should be and when you read a book you have the movie version in your own head... so there was a lot of, to kind of to put on our shoulders. But once we started filming we kind of let go of all that and the movie became what it is. Now that it's done I feel less pressured and more excitement. Because I've seen pieces of it I haven't seen the whole film put together, I've seen enough pieces to know that it looks really great. I know the story well enough to know that we were as true as we could to the book. So yeah I'm excited. That's a really long answer...I could have just said "I'm excited."

    TA: No, we love it. So obviously you are playing Carlisle Cullen and a lot of the other actors have created back-stories to their characters. Have you added anything to Carlisle's back-story?

    PF: You know, there was so much in the book and so much on the website I utilized a lot of that. I talked to the director about wearing a lot of scarves. For me I just thought it was an added [thing.] It's not in the book. Its not like Scooby Do scarves, I don't want to make anybody nervous. I'm not like Fred from Scooby Do, so don't worry. More like wintery scarves and stuff to hide his neck. I just felt like it added a little piece to his character or a refinement. It wasn't in the book but I thought it might be interesting that because he was bitten maybe has a fear of having his neck exposed. It carried it on through the ages. For me it also brought on an element of refinement. Yeah, I kind of added that talking to the director. But most of it, when you have such rich back-stories and Stephenie Meyer goes into such detail with her back stories that it's rich. So why make it up when its there.

    TA: Yes Carlisle has been alive for a long time.

    PF: I mean down to the point where it was like, 'Carlisle hid under potatoes in a barn when he was bitten because he was so afraid to be found as a vampire,' and its like, these things are so detailed oriented that they are fantastic for an actor because that's what an actor does. When I get stories I have to make that stuff up. To have it all in book form, I just had to absorb it. The one thing I kind of did for Carlisle and this is again nothing you'll probably see in the movie, if anything it's subtle details. Because he is 350 plus years old I was like, how do I bring a character with 350 plus years and bring all that knowledge to the screen. So I kind of studied history of where he was and places he had been: Italy, Chicago, and New York and England and what was going on at that time period from the black plague to who was winning baseball in Chicago when he was there. It kind of was fun for me as an actor to do all that research and again its just stuff that I soaked in but knowing where he had been and all the things he had gone through in his life. It kind of gives you more of that confidence as a person to when he walks around he seems more knowledgeable and more mature. A maturity there...does that make sense at all?

    TA: Yes, that's awesome. We like actors who do their research especially in the Twilight movie. Was there a period that you studied that you were like this is definitely Carlisle's favorite time period, and you took a few things from that time period?

    PF: You know, I have to think back because we shot this a few months ago and I was on another project. It all gets jumbled up but, I remember thinking Chicago. He was in Chicago right? There was time period there and that's where he met Esme. If I'm not mistaken. Make sure I'm correct here because it was 8 months ago that we shot this. That was the time period I think that because he found the love of his life it was the thing for him... When I hear silence I'm like....

    TA: We just want to make sure you're done talking...we don't want to interrupt the great Carlisle Cullen.

    PF: I don't know if you're thinking, is this guy nuts?

    TA: No, we just didn't know either if he met Esme in Chicago.

    PF: I'm 90% sure it was Chicago in the 1930s. I should have brushed up before I did my podcast. Trust me I knew this character back and forth when I was shooting the movie

    TA: Totally...we don't know either so there you go.....In what ways are you similar to the character Carlisle and in what ways do you differ?

    PF: I think Carlisle has more patience than I do especially in situations. I was talking to someone and its like, when chaos is around Carlisle I think he's the type of guy that remains calm. Where most people including myself when there's chaos I start screaming like a little girl and running away...

    TA: (laughter) Us too.

    PF: ....That's where I say I differ from him. I used a lot of...I'm the father figure of my family and so I know what its like to have children that want to do different things and trying to keep them in line. Having patience and respect there too. So I kind of used that. I would say yeah that's it.

    TA: Cool, I like it.....Speaking about father figure, you played one in Twilight obviously, did that translate into your offscreen relationships with the other cast members?

    PF: Ha yeah....they still call me dad. I just talked to Nikki like ten minutes ago. She plays Rosalie. I answered the phone said this is Peter, she says "Hi Dad." (TA: Awwwww)So it's very endearing. I really have a profound love for each of them like they are my children. They put a smile on my face when I talk to them or when I see them.

    TA: That is awesome! That's why we love you so much......Were you able to give any of the up and coming young actors some advice about the business at all?

    PF: You know... no, they didn't really ask. Whether you're new to the business or experienced in the business, I kind of feel I'm always given respect to my fellow actors in the sense that they're there because they know what they are doing. So who am I to tell them anything different. Ive worked with great actors that have given me the same respect. When I worked with Kevin Spacey and Danny Devito it's not like they came in and said ok kid this is how we're going to do this scene. They treated me like a fellow actor and gave me that respect and that's how I treat my fellow actors whether they're new to the scene or 350 years plus. And so we all just got into the room and started playing off of each other. The process was fun and we came up with a lot of great ideas. We discussed a lot of the characters back and forth especially I remember talking in great detail with Rob about Carlisle and Edward's relationship. I kind of felt bad about turning him into a vampire, there was a guilt there. I kind of felt you girls, ladies have children at all?

    TA: No....

    PF: Oh, when you have children and they get angry at you, you'll know it, you know what I mean. So I kind of felt like my child, Edward has this remorse that I turned him into this vampire and there was this guilt that I felt. And there were times that I would sit down with Rob and try to convince him why being a vampire was so great. Why I think Carlisle made the right decision and Edward in true form wallowed in his misery. So it was fun to do that even off screen before we shot to have those discussions.

    TA: Did you guys have a lot of freedom with where you took your characters and how you portrayed them?

    PF: To a certain extent, again when you have such great books as your guideline you don't want to veer off the path too far because people are expecting you to be true to the book. I tried to get my character as much compassion as I could and as much knowledge as I could and show a sense of family. I think family is very important to Carlisle.

    TA: So just changing gears a bit... We've heard a lot about the "Magic Carpet." Were you able to participate in any stunts during filming?

    PF: I didn't get to play on the magic carpet, no, but it was a pretty fun thing to watch. I was completely jealous. I did some baseball stuff but my stuff was very minimal...I'm old.

    TA: Well hopefully in the next movies you'll get some more stunt work in.....So, you are a self proclaimed fan of the series correct?

    PF: Yes

    TA: Have you read Breaking Dawn?

    PF: Oh see, I knew you were going to say that... you know what, its sitting upstairs. My wife just finished it and she was hording my book. I have to finish reading the forth one because I'm going to start talking to people and they're going to ask me if I've read it. She wouldn't, she's read all three in a row and she got addicted. So I went and read Stephenie Meyer's other book The Host and I quite enjoyed that. I finished reading that and I asked are you going to finish reading Breaking Dawn so I can now its on my table top next to my bed and I've read 3 pages so I'm into it....

    TA: Do you like the 3 pages so far?

    PF: Yes

    TA: So what is harder, being the father of 3 young daughters or 5 teenage vampires?

    PF: Ah that's a good one. Well they're different. Three daughters is a big responsibility and everyday I worry about who they're going to become and how their day is going to be, so there's a lot of pressure. Five teenage vampires, they're a handful I'd have to say.... also, I pretty much have like 15 years left, then I get to have my life back and get to travel while they're off at college. When you're a vampire dad... it's forever. I have to make sure they brush their teeth for eternity.

    TA: Man, that's responsibility... Last week we got the chance to talk to Edi Gathegi and he was telling us some of the pranks he pulled on some of the cast members. We were wondering if you were a part of any hijinx that happened on set?

    PF: I did tell Edi to call... did he tell you about the Jackson phone call?

    TA: Yes, and he gave us an impersonation...

    PF: I told Edi to do that... because Edi had called me in this weird high pitch female voice. Who, what....who are you? And then he started laughing and then he came over. When we had breaks, Edi and I used to work out at the gym, or Kellan and I. So Edi came over and we were talking and I said "You have to call Jackson with the voice,' so he came up with the whole schpeel. But I was the instigator.

    TA: There you go the brains of the operation.

    PF: I'm the brains

    TA: What was the craziest thing a fan has ever done for you?

    PF: Oh you know... I don't know if its crazy but I was very flattered that the TwilightMoms sent me like a basket full of food. I was like wow. They're moms so they know the best way to man's stomach... I mean heart through his stomach. It was awfully nice of them.

    TA: That is nice, we all love food... So what was your favorite off screen moment during filming?

    PF: Ahh...I have to think so hard because I enjoyed doing these interviews in the midst of filming because everything was so fresh now I have to think back 8 months but I can't even remember where my car keys are most of the time. So let me think about that for a second. "Favorite time of filming"... I enjoyed the baseball stuff but the weather was against us. I'm sure you heard about the weather...

    TA: We are actually from Portland, we live in Portland.

    PF: Well it's weird because usually when you do a movie its sunny and when cloud cover comes in you have to wait for the clouds to roll by and you wait for the sun and you can shoot again. But when you're doing a vampire movie its cloudy and when the sun pops out you're waiting for the sun to go away. So it's completely opposite. We shot in Portland for the clouds and we would get these sunny days.

    TA: I can tell you since we're from the area, that was really weird... we don't usually have that much sun.

    PF: That's why we came to town...all of a sudden we're shooting a vampire film and it's the sunniest we might as well have shot it in Los Angeles. We'd be waiting for hours for the sun to go away. When we shot these baseball scenes we wanted a little bit of rain but it was a little to much rain so... Catherine used to do these rain dances to get the clouds to come in so she might have put a couple of steps too much. It was pretty miserable for the first couple days of shooting where we were all just drenched. We ended up reshooting that stuff the next day... but we got good stuff and the baseball stuff we shot for a week and remember having a good time with that. It was fun because I had played baseball growing up so I was helping some of the younger kids with that. It was kind of neat because I can imagine Carlisle teaching the game to Rosalie and to his children then have them all come together to play it. So it kind of made me feel like Carlisle teaching Rob and Nikki to play.

    TA: Did anybody get any homeruns??

    PF: No, well, movie homeruns....and the special effects will be fantastic you guys will like that......then the other day that I remember that I really enjoyed was the ballet studio when the big fight breaks out. It was fun to watch Rob and Cam.

    TA: That seems to be a popular fun day where everyone got to kill vampires.

    PF: Yeah, whenever you get to play with fire and burn vampires it's a fun day. When you're killing the bad guys.

    TA: So vampires can only drink blood for all of eternity... If you could only eat one thing for the rest of your life what would it be?

    PF: Wow, that's a good question... you guys are coming up with really good questions... I would say, lets see... I would go with pizza. Yeah I like pizza, I don't eat it that often because it's not good for you. I remember doing a fast once and all I could think of was pizza. I come from New York where the pizza is really good there. Pizza is good cold you can have it for breakfast... many times I've woken up and had a piece of pizza in the morning, a leftover slice...or heat it up for lunch or make some fresh for dinner.

    TA: There you go, food of champions..... So what's next for you after Twilight?

    PF: I'm doing a Showtime series with Edie Falco called Nurse Jackie. I will be reprising a doctor character. It will not be the same as Dr. Carlisle Cullen but I do play a doctor. It's a kind of a quirky dramedy for Showtime and will probably air sometime in the spring. It will start filming mid-November.

    TA: We will look forward to that... Do you have any other upcoming movies coming out or anything?

    PF: You know, hopefully the Twilight sequels. If the movie does well I'm hoping they want to make more of the book of the movie. I would love to do more.

    TA: That's awesome. I don't know if you've heard but Summit has confirmed that they will begin filming New Moon... So are you up for being in the sequels?

    PF: I'm totally up for the being in them... I really enjoyed making the first one. Now I have to get on the phone with my agent, "what you didn't tell me, I had to find out from a podcast?'

    TA: What are your plans for November 21st when the movie comes out?

    PF: Umm, I think I'm going to see the movie in a theater. I have a lot of nieces and nephews in New York and I'll probably be in New York and they can't come out to LA for the premiere. I told them I'd sneak in and watch it with them and a bunch of their friends.

    TA: That would be awesome and for all of those fans...

    PF: So turn around in New York and I might be sitting being you.

    TA: We will look for you if we end up in New York.. So we have one last question... Do blondes really have more fun?

    PF: No. Well it depends... if you're a guy, I don't think so. I can't say if you're a girl... my wife is blonde and she has a blast. But, I can tell you this... from a guy's perspective, being a blonde is not fun... at all.

    TA: Why not?

    PF: Because, people look at you differently... like you're... and I don't want to stereotype, this is just how I felt. People looked at me like I was dumber. I grew up in New York and no one ever messed with me on the streets of New York and I'd come home on the subway at 2 in the morning. When I had blonde hair in Portland, I couldn't walk down the street without someone messing with me... literally almost threatening to beat me up for some reason. I think it's the blonde hair. You don't have a lot of blonde hair people in Portland.

    TA: Yeah, the sun doesn't shine enough.

    PF: So they kind of looked at me like I was a pansy.

    TA: Well, if you need a bodyguard I can help you out there....

    PF: I've got 4 bodyguards in Portland? Do you all live in Portland?

    TA: Yes!

    PF: Next time we shoot in Portland I'll call you girls and every time I walk down the block you can surround me, keep me from getting beat up.

    TA: Done, we'll be there!!... [Peter does Podcast Intro] Thank You so much Peter!

    PF: Anytime! You know I've enjoyed doing this, you guys are so much fun and anytime you want to do this again....

    TA: Awesome, hopefully we'll get to see you on set sometime. Thank you for taking your time with your busy day. I know we had to reschedule.

    PF: Sorry about that I hope it didn't mess up your day.

    TA: No, thank you for being flexible we had a lot of fun and really appreciate your time and have a Happy Halloween!

    PF: Oh yeah, what are you guys going to be?

    TA: [Sammi] I'm actually going to go as Victoria...

    PF: Are you? That's so awesome.

    TA: [Anna] I'm going as Bella...

    PF: Oh, I told my daughter to dress up like Bella and, she's 11, she says "Dad I'd be in jeans and a t-shirt. How will anyone know what I am?'

    TA: It makes it easy though... [Nicole] Rachel has a really special costume. She's going to dress up as Dr. Carlisle's nurse, she got red and black scrubs. It's going to be pretty awesome! Are you going to pull out Dr. Carlisle Cullen's costume from set and go as him?

    PF: You know...I was going to dress up as a doctor because I dress up with my kids....but I just played a doctor back to back and I have to go to work to play a doctor in a couple weeks so I had to give the doctor thing a I'm going to be a boxer.

    TA: Nice!

    PF: Because last year I was granny wolf from Little Red Riding Hood and I had this wolf costume and it was so hot, I was so sweaty. The I thought, this year I am going to wear something with as little clothing as possible. So this year I will wear shorts and a robe.

    TA: Did you get your name on the back of the robe or anything?

    PF: No, it just has KO on the back of the robe

    TA: Nice....

    PF: Well, thanks a lot. We'll talk soon! Bye!

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