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    Peter and 'Twilight Saga' co-star Robert Pattinson attend the Golden Globes in Los Angeles.

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    Peter discusses Eclipse in an interview with Glamour Magazine

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    Peter stops by ALSF set up outside Tent City in Los Angeles for the Eclipse Premiere Fan Chat

    Conducted LIVE on January 23, 2010

    7:25 nilla_chelle01TVdotcom:
    Hey everybody. Welcome to's Q&A Chat with Twilight Saga and Nurse Jackie star Peter Facinelli. Peter will be by shortly, so get those questions and comments sent in now! Please note that all comments are subject to moderation and not all comments will be published.

    7:27[Comment From Wennsvampire: ]
    I Love PF

    7:27[Comment From Randi: ]

    7:28[Comment From danny: ]
    wow this is so cool, i can't wait :D

    7:28[Comment From Emma Burke: ]
    shout out to new zealand pfach fans! if you want :D

    7:28[Comment From Valerie N.: ]
    I love Peter!

    7:28[Comment From Karen: ]
    woohoooo can't wait

    7:29[Comment From Julie: ]
    Im so excited

    7:29[Comment From cassidy: ]
    this is awesome :D

    7:29[Comment From Lauren Root: ]
    Hello Peter!

    7:29[Comment From Amzz: ]
    omg this is so exciting

    7:29[Comment From Donna C.: ]
    I agree!!!

    7:29[Comment From Bianca: ]
    im so excited!!!

    7:30[Comment From joannalaunter: ]
    im sooo excited!!!

    7:30[Comment From Andrea: ]
    hi :)

    7:30[Comment From izabel: ]
    i m very excited omg

    7:30[Comment From James Domingo: ]
    Peter! Peter! Peter! Lol

    7:31[Comment From Vitoria: ]

    7:31[Comment From Mika: ]
    Wow, this is really cool! :D

    7:31[Comment From Sonia: ]

    7:31[Comment From Diana: ]
    i love Peter!

    7:31[Comment From carolinemn: ]
    omg!! ilove peter:D

    7:31[Comment From Emma Pattinson: ]

    7:32[Comment From Josefine: ]
    peter, you are so cool :D

    7:32[Comment From Deborah: ]
    I love Peter!!!

    7:32[Comment From kevin: ]
    peter peter peter WE LOVE YOU

    7:32[Comment From Emily: ]
    Peter is soooo hot!!!!

    7:32[Comment From Kristen : ]
    cant wait to talk peter!!

    7:33[Comment From sarah: ]

    7:35[Comment From alexandra marquez: ]

    7:36[Comment From Samantha: ]
    Hi Peter!

    7:36[Comment From Elicia: ]

    7:37[Comment From Josefine from SWEDEN: ]
    hello =)

    7:39[Comment From Caroline: ]
    Hi Peter!!!

    7:39[Comment From Sarah: ]
    Hello Peter!

    7:39[Comment From Shraddha-nelli,UK: ]
    Hi to everyone!

    7:40[Comment From Samantha N.: ]
    Hi Peter! and to everyone here =]

    7:40[Comment From Alexandra: ]
    Hi Peter! :D

    7:40[Comment From Mariam: ]
    Oh my god!!!! hi peter!!!

    7:41[Comment From Samantha: ]
    I love Peter!

    7:41[Comment From Liz (appinellis rock!): ]
    ahhhh IM SOOO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    7:42[Comment From RoseBlueTinted: ]
    Can't wait for the Q&A with Peter Facinelli!

    7:43[Comment From Laura: ]
    Hello Peter!!!!

    7:43[Comment From Joyce: ]
    Hello from Brazil

    7:43[Comment From Erin Bradley: ]
    I adore Peter Facinelli!!!!

    7:43[Comment From elaine: ]
    hello from scotland :]

    7:44[Comment From Danielle Mansani (Brazil): ]
    Hello from Brazil =)

    7:44[Comment From GabrielaXD: ]
    Hello from Peru!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    7:44[Comment From Martina: ]
    Hello from Germany!

    7:44[Comment From julia: ]
    hello from germany

    7:44[Comment From Eve: ]
    Hello from Austria..:D

    7:45[Comment From Erin Bradley: ]
    Hello from Hershey!

    7:45 Peter Facinelli:
    Hey this is Peter.Thanks for coming, everyone! Sorry I'm a little late -- I had bad reception and was watching The Tooth Fairy :)

    7:45[Comment From Cheyenne: ]
    Peter playing the role of Carlisle must be a lot different than Dr. Fitch Cooper because obviously Carlisle is a vampire, but are there any other differeance?

    7:46[Comment From Michelle: ]
    Hello from Brazil =)

    7:46[Comment From SarahChrissi: ]
    Hi Peter!

    7:46 Peter Facinelli:
    They're 180 degrees apart. Carlisle is a very calming figure and the foundation and rock of a family.

    7:46[Comment From Tai: ]
    Hello Peter, I am a 30- something fan of yours from Colorado. First I'd like to just say that you brought the chracter of Carlisle to life on the screen and added a lot of dimension to him so thank you for your performance. My question is: Are you glad you did the Twilight Saga (not that it's quite done yet) and where would you like to see your career go from here? Thank you so much for your time!

    7:46 Peter Facinelli:
    Cooper is a lot more energetic and immature than Carlisle

    I think the only thing they have in common is they both wear white coats.

    7:47[Comment From LuizaC: ]
    hi peter!!

    7:47[Comment From Elin: ]
    Hello Peter! This is so cool!

    7:47 Peter Facinelli:
    I'm very excited to be a part of the Twilight Saga. It's very rare for a movie to have this kind of effect on people and to be a cultural phenomenon.

    7:47[Comment From Bruna: ]
    Peter I love You!

    7:47[Comment From Kim Sullivan: ]
    Hey. I've seen a lot of your interviews and I've noticed that you are never asked any of the basic questions! Like, what's your favorite song?

    7:48 Peter Facinelli:
    I try to do things that I haven't done before - hopefully I'll continue to do so, and continue to surprise the audience and surprise myself.

    7:48[Comment From Leticia-Brazil*--*: ]
    Peter i love you!!!

    7:48[Comment From Anin: ]
    huahuahua piter fecenelli

    7:49 Peter Facinelli:
    You know, I have such an eclectic taste when it comes to music, so that's a very difficult question for me. I'll listen to everything from Eminem to Elvis Presley to The Beatles.

    7:49[Comment From Andrea: ]
    hello from Portugal :D

    7:49 Peter Facinelli:
    Don't have a favorite band that I listen too -- kind of like a little bit of everything.

    7:49[Comment From aphrodite: ]
    Hello from Los Angeles

    7:49[Comment From Katy e Lee: ]
    Peter, we love you so much (L)

    7:49[Comment From Cheyenne: ]
    What is your favorite thing about playing a vampire?

    7:50 Peter Facinelli:
    I think being a vampire is fun because you get to live forever.

    As an actor, the coolest thing about playing a vampire is that vampires are cool right now, so it's fun to play one.

    7:51[Comment From Charlotte, London: ]
    Hi Peter, Hope you are well! Q: If you could be any character other than your own in the saga, who would that be and why? Thank You for all the time you give to us fans on twitter! xx

    7:51[Comment From Jodi: ]
    hello from scotland! :)

    7:52[Comment From Missee: ]
    Hi from Salt Lake!

    7:52[Comment From JOANNA LAUTNER: ]
    im a really big fan of u peter!!!

    7:52 Peter Facinelli:
    Edward, for a bunch of reasons, if I were younger would be a great character to play. If I couldn't play Edward I'm quite happy playing the dad. I don't think the apple falls far from the tree.

    7:52[Comment From Christina: ]
    Hello from San Francisco, and thank you Peter!!

    7:52[Comment From Angelica: ]
    Can you play any instruments and are you a good singer? ;D

    7:52[Comment From Aline Paiva: ]
    I love you so much!!!!

    7:53 Peter Facinelli:
    I always sing in the shower

    7:53[Comment From Lina: ]
    Hi from Germany Peter :) We love you. You are awesome

    7:53[Comment From linamallette: ]
    Do you have a dream role you'd like to play, if so what?

    7:53 Peter Facinelli:
    I can play maybe 2 songs on the guitar -- Blackbird (Beatles) and La Bamba

    7:54[Comment From Marion: ]
    good songs to play!

    7:54 Peter Facinelli:
    I don't know what that is -- I like having scripts come to me and they either strike a chord with me or not.

    When I was younger, I always wanted to play Spiderman...but that didn't happen.

    7:54 Peter Facinelli:
    There are some genres I'd like to play in- westerns, action, romantic comedy.

    7:55 Peter Facinelli:
    There are some things I've been writing, and hopefully I can get financing and make those films.

    7:55[Comment From Jodi: ]
    who inspired you to act?

    7:56 Peter Facinelli:
    My inspriations were Paul Newman and Robert Redford - Saw a movie "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid" and those guys looked like they were having a lot of fun and I decided that's what I wanted to do.

    7:56 Peter Facinelli:
    Now I like Sean Penn and what he's doing. Gary Oldman. I like to be surprised by an actor - you never know what you're going to get and they don't play the same role.

    7:57[Comment From Tiny_Clanger: ]
    Team Taylor or Team Robert?

    7:57 Peter Facinelli:
    I try to take on contrasting roles, like Carlisle and Cooper.

    7:57[Comment From Blair aka Crystal Sparda: ]
    Hello from Beverly Hills, Florida!!

    7:57[Comment From Carolyna, Swe: ]
    Gary Oldman is amazing! I miss Sirius Black :/

    7:57[Comment From christine: ]
    hello from MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA :)

    7:58[Comment From carro carro: ]
    heello from SWEDEN!:D

    7:58 Peter Facinelli:
    haha - I gotta go Team Robert. he's my family. I love Taylor, but Rob plays my son so I got to keep it in the family.

    But as far as the real actors in the film -- I think they're both immensely talented and I support both of them.

    7:58[Comment From Caragh Downie: ]

    7:59[Comment From Mica from Czech Republic: ]
    If you're not an actor, what would be your job?

    7:59 Peter Facinelli:
    I'd be working at Blockbusters so I could watch a lot of movies.

    7:59[Comment From Jess Cardoso (foforks): ]
    Hi Peter, i've 14 years old, and i'm from Brazil, i wanted to ask you how was the fight scenes in Eclipse for you? And the preparation, it was hard?

    8:00[Comment From Jenna: ]
    Hi from LONDON !!! :D

    8:00 Peter Facinelli:
    If I could do something else in the entertainment industry I'd be either a director or a writer...I'd have to be able to tell a story one way or another. I'm writing now and hope to direct some day.

    8:00 Peter Facinelli:
    Would like to do all 3 one day - write, direct and act.

    8:01[Comment From Margret: ]
    Oh gosh I can't believe this is happening...:D

    8:01[Comment From Jeehan: ]
    Hey! Umm ur amazing in Twilight and New Moon....I am so looking forward to seeing you in Eclipse and Breaking Dawn.

    8:02 Peter Facinelli:
    The fight scenes prep was tedious but fun. I enjoyed it immensely. Going to work and training, doing fight choreography and working out was fun. We had about 5 weeks to prep, so every day we were working really hard.

    It wasn't like digging ditches, but it was fun to be able to go in and be a part of that. It became very competitive within the cast.

    8:02[Comment From CarlaLombardo: ]
    hi peter!!

    8:02 Peter Facinelli:
    We're running low on time, but I can take one more question...

    8:02[Comment From Blair aka Crystal Sparda: ]
    What actors do you want to work with in the future?

    8:03 Peter Facinelli:
    I'd love to work with Clint Eastwood, Sean Penn, Denzel Washington, Robert De Niro and Al Pacino. I've been really fortunate to work with some really great, talented people in my career and I'm looking forward to continuing that.

    8:04 nilla_chelle01TVdotcom:
    Thanks to Peter for stopping by and sharing his time with us. Thanks to everyone for making this such an awesome chat. Now go watch the movie!

    8:04 Peter Facinelli:
    Really excited to be part of the Showtime family, and that the Twilight saga is premiering on Showtime. I hope everyone really enjoys it.

    8:04 etTV:
    Be sure to check us out on Facebook ( and Twitter (http://twitter/tvdotcom).

    8:04 [Comment From Amber: ]
    Bye Peter! love you!

    8:04[Comment From Caroline: ]
    thank you peter!!!

    8:04[Comment From Kadijah: ]
    bye peter

    8:04[Comment From Bianca: ]
    bye Peter...have a great day

    8:04[Comment From alley_vampyress: ]
    Keep up the good work

    8:05[Comment From Cristina from Arizona: ]
    Thanks Peter ")

    8:04[Comment From Bianca: ]
    bye Peter...have a great day

    8:04[Comment From Jocelyn Cullen: ]
    Thankz Peter

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