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    Peter and 'Twilight Saga' co-star Robert Pattinson attend the Golden Globes in Los Angeles.

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    Vanity Fair Magazine

    Q&A: Twilight's Peter Facinelli
    By Adrienne Gaffney
    November 2, 2008

    Peter Facinelli, 34, plays Dr. Carlisle Cullen, a young vampire who has taken in a group of younger vampires and acts as a father figure to them. Facinelli, who is married to 90210's Jennie Garth, did stints on Six Feet Under and Damages and starred in Fastlane, a TV show that aired in 2002.

    VF Daily: What path did you take to get to Hollywood?

    Peter Facinelli: I studied theater at New York University and with the Atlantic Theater Company. My first project, in 1995, was a small role in a movie called Angela, which was directed by Rebecca Miller, who is Arthur Miller's daughter. I played Lucifer the devil, which was a great role because I was in white makeup from head to toe. I was completely unrecognizable. It is funny that that kicked off my career because I love playing characters that look different than I do or are different in nature.

    Had you read the Twilight books before getting the script?

    I read the first book in one day, and then before filming, I read the second and the third. Now, I am actually into the fourth. I'm a big fan.

    What I liked about the Twilight series is that it is kind of a throwback to the original vampire vibe, which is that they are these mysterious, beautiful creatures with sexual undertones. Lately I think vampire movies have kind of gotten a bad rap. When I first heard that my agents wanted me to go up for a vampire movie, I was thinking blood and gore—like, zombie movies. Right away I was like, “No, that's not for me.” And they said, just read the book.

    Did it take a lot of time to get ready every day in costume and makeup?

    It took a little bit to figure out. I did a week of makeup tests because they wanted to have their own tone and they wanted to make sure that the skin wasn't too ridiculously Marcel Marceau, but pale enough where you could buy that this person would be a vampire.

    We had to get in, put the contact lenses in, which for some were harder than others, and then put the makeup on. I remember one product they used was this battery-charged airbrush makeup thing. It's an ionizer, so if the makeup person touched you while they were using it, it would give a little shock. That was always fun at six in the morning.

    Is it at all strange to play an adoptive father to actors so close in age to you?

    My oldest child is 11, and when I first heard of the project and they told me I had an 18-year-old kid I said, “Well, I'm not getting this part.” You know, I don't think that's even theoretically possible for me to have an 18-year-old. But my character is the patriarch of his family, and that was something I could tap into.


    Ozone Park, Queens. Now I live in Los Angeles, in Taluca Lake.

    New York or L.A.?

    I moved out to L.A. in 1995. I'm probably more of an L.A. person now, because I'm just more laid back. But New York will always be home to me because my mom and dad are there, and I grew up there.

    What is your family like?

    I have three sisters, so I have been surrounded by women my whole life. Now it's me, my wife, and my three children.

    How old are your kids?

    Eleven, five, and two.

    Celebrity crush?

    Yes. My celebrity crush is on Rob Pattinson. Just kidding. My wife, Jennie Garth, of course, would be my celebrity crush.

    TV shows you TiVo?

    Damages and Dexter.

    Favorite book?

    I love biographies. My favorite, I think, is Robert Mitchum's biography.

    Favorite movie?

    There are so many good movies that it would be hard to narrow it down.

    Favorite kind of music?

    Whatever's on the radio. But I love 60s and 70s music.

    Do you have a dream director or actor you'd love to work with?

    One person for both: Sean Penn. I always wanted to work with Paul Newman. I never got the chance to, but he's a big inspiration.

    What are some of your interests outside of acting?

    I play a lot of chauffeur. I am actually my daughter's soccer coach. I like to play racquetball. I like yoga. But mostly I am a family man. When it comes down to it, I'm mostly hanging with the family. And it's fun having three kids because you get to remain a kid and continue taking them to fun events that I probably wouldn't do if I was by myself.

    Do you have any upcoming projects?

    I'm doing a Showtime series with Edie Falco called Nurse Jackie. We start filming November 10, and it will air in the next year.

    Are you feeling the effects of being in such a highly touted movie?

    I take it all with a grain of salt. You never know what's going to happen. I hope the movie comes out and does extremely well. I'm proud to be part of it.

    Video: Behind The Scenes of the Twilight Photoshoot

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