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    Golden Globes

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    Peter and 'Twilight Saga' co-star Robert Pattinson attend the Golden Globes in Los Angeles.

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    Peter discusses Eclipse in an interview with Glamour Magazine

    Peter's interview with
    ASLF at Tent City in LA

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    Peter stops by ALSF set up outside Tent City in Los Angeles for the Eclipse Premiere

    WV Gazette

    CHARLESTON, W.Va. -- Actor Peter Facinelli says he doesn't know who'd win if the vampires of "Twilight" ever faced off against the vampires of "True Blood." The exceedingly busy actor scarcely has time to check out the competition. He does, though, have time for a special appearance at the Huntington Mall on Sunday.

    From 11 a.m. to 5 p.m., Facinelli will sign autographs and pose for pictures with fans at the mall gazebo. Autographs are $25 and pictures are $40 (cash only), with a portion of the proceeds going to Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation, a pediatric cancer charity.

    The gazz caught up with Facinelli, who was between meetings and sounded exhausted, to talk about the life of a working vampire.

    5 questions with Twilight's Peter Facinelli

    Q: How is the world of vampires these days?

    A: Busy. It's a good thing I have eternity.

    Q: You have the third "Twilight" film, "Eclipse," coming out in June. What else are you working on?

    A: I wrote a movie, and we're shooting that in July, which should finish just in time to start the third season of "Nurse Jackie" [on Showtime]. Then, hopefully, we'll find out what we're doing with "Breaking Dawn" by then.

    Q: Do you have any idea when "Breaking Dawn" might start filming?

    A: Nope.

    Q: The "Twilight" franchise has changed directors with every film. How does that affect you as an actor?

    A: I think it's more difficult for the director. They're coming in on a moving train. Everyone already has their characters created. I like working with different directors. I've done television series, like "Nurse Jackie" and "Six Feet Under," and every episode is a new director. They come in and give a new perspective on the material.

    Q: After three films, has your relationship with the rest of the cast changed?

    A: No. I think the only thing that has changed is more people are aware of us on the streets. When we shot "Twilight," we'd all go out to dinner, and nobody cared what we were shooting or what we were doing. Now, if we go out to dinner, we have vans of people following us, which doesn't always make for a good time. So we end up spending more of our time in our rooms, just ordering in.

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